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11-year-old painting prodigy Tyler Gordon makes a big splash on Little Big Shots


11-year-old painting prodigy Tyler Gordon makes a big splash on Little Big Shots

In fifth grade, while many of you were running around on playgrounds, and having a great time playing games, Tyler Gordon of San Jose, California had just discovered his incredible talent for painting. The specialty of 11-year-old Tyler is making portraits.

Namely, Tyler, who turned 12 this summer, paints white and gray, black portraits of celebrities he sees on television, or of random people who want to have a portrait of themselves. So far, Tyler has done portraits of Jay-Z, Kevin Durant, Beyoncé, OprahWinfrey, the Beatles, and many other famous celebrities.

According to Tyler’s mother Nicole Kindle, his paintings are shadows and negative space.

Tyler has sold many of his paintings, and even launched a Facebook fan page to promote furthermore his art and in June appeared on Steve Harvey’s show, “Little Big Shots.”

A young and aspiring entrepreneur, Tyler also shares photographs of his art on other social media networks as well, such as YouTube and Twitter.

Tyler’s living room in his hometown is full of his painting supplies and all the artworks he has made. He paints in his room sitting on a stool. Lately, he said he’sbeen painting there for nearly four hours every day, in order to fulfill the orders that have come coming in large numbers, following his appearance on “Little Big Shots” and at the Juneteenth festival at Plaza de Cesar Chavez.

Despite Tyler’s accomplishments, his mom said that he is still a normal boy who spends most of his time playing outside, believes he is Superman and still has to do his homework.

It was Tyler’s mother who encouraged him to start painting, and she instantly noticed his incredible talent.

He has managed to accomplish his achievements despite some life-changing hardships. Sadly, for a while, Tyler was in a wheelchair due to an injury of his hips, and he is nearly deaf, Nicole Kindle said.

On Little Big Shots, Tyler got a huge surprise when suddenly one of his most inspiring role models, Kevin Durant, NBA player of the Golden State Warriors, appeared in a video footage.

Kevin Durant advised Tyler to keep inspiring. Andwithout a shadow of a doubt, Tyler will.

Little Painter Will Win Your Heart

We may have just found the next Picasso!

Posted by Little Big Shots on Monday, June 18, 2018

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