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Real Life Heroes Who Showed Amazing Bravery To Save Others!

Heroes do not only exist in comic books, cartoons or sci-fi movies, there are also real-life ones. Although they do not have a Batmobile or superpowers at their disposal, their actions have won the hearts of millions ofpeople on the Web.In everyday life, we can always find people willing to give everything to save other human beings, and even small animals. These are the heroes of real life.

While it is true that the police or firefighters save the lives of citizens, what would happen if they were not there to save the day, but complete strangers? These real heroes risked their lives in a dramatic moment to be able to save even people totally unknown to them.

I believe that all human beings naturally possess this gift, to share and help our fellow human beings, and can appear at the very moment we least think, but always at the necessary time. In situations of chills, high stress, would you also react like this? The way these people react and think fast, was the difference between life and death in all these accidents, fights, disasters, etc.

Apparently, there are still heroes in the world who do not need superpowers or a cloak to be able to do tremendous acts of solidarity.

Here I leave you with this compilation of extraordinary real things, carried out by extraordinary real people. These are the real-life heroes. Witness the remarkable actions of human beings in everyday situations, where they had to risk even theirown lifeto save the life of another.They make us love life more!

And guess what – we all can be real-life heroes in one or more instances. You don’t need to possess superpowers, you only need to have the simple sense of compassion and humanity that is already innate in each of us.

Would you do the same? See the best collection of real heroes! I hope this video compilation will inspire you to become more aware of our unity and how much we all need each other.

He quit his job to perform in the subway…meet NYC subway beatboxer Sung Beats!

Beatboxer Sung Lee (a.k.a. Sung Beats) is an award-winning local beatboxer and looper that quit his job several years ago just to play gigs and in the NYC subway full time. During a typical day of Sung, heusually makes several hundred dollars performing for tips.

While in his early teens, Sung was a member of a niche audience entirely amazed by beatboxers such as Rahzel, Doug E. Fresh, and many others. After discovering beatboxing through an online video, Sung was so impressed that he instantlystarted to learn the basics of this craft. With continuous practice, the potential beatboxer fell in love with beatboxing more and more.

Back in 2013, he actively took the very first step towards making a beatboxing career and quit his current job, planning to busk in New York City’s subways every day.

It was Union Square’s subway station, where Sung started to assemble his equipment. Once he finished his performance, he would recreate famous songs, like Daft Punk’s “Touch it”using only his mouth.

As more people acknowledged his unique talent, a new world of opportunities opened up in front of Sung Lee.

Within the next two years, Sung performed at some of the hottest spots in the Big Apple such asGotham Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, B.B. King Blues, Stage48,Tribeca Rooftop, among others. The chase of his dream led Sung to beatbox for some of the most successful enterprises – Jameson, AT&T,andVenmo.

His persistent decision to pursue his lifelong dream opened the opportunities for many unique and different experiences. “But you have to put the work in,” Sung said. He is quite an example of perseverance and hard work towards achieving one’s goals.

Check out Sung Lee in this video as he spends a typical day performing in the NYC subway, and then busking above ground as well.

This Beatboxer Quit His Job To Work In The Subway

This beatboxer quit his job to perform in the subway

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11-year-old painting prodigy Tyler Gordon makes a big splash on Little Big Shots

In fifth grade, while many of you were running around on playgrounds, and having a great time playing games, Tyler Gordon of San Jose, California had just discovered his incredible talent for painting. The specialty of 11-year-old Tyler is making portraits.

Namely, Tyler, who turned 12 this summer, paints white and gray, black portraits of celebrities he sees on television, or of random people who want to have a portrait of themselves. So far, Tyler has done portraits of Jay-Z, Kevin Durant, Beyoncé, OprahWinfrey, the Beatles, and many other famous celebrities.

According to Tyler’s mother Nicole Kindle, his paintings are shadows and negative space.

Tyler has sold many of his paintings, and even launched a Facebook fan page to promote furthermore his art and in June appeared on Steve Harvey’s show, “Little Big Shots.”

A young and aspiring entrepreneur, Tyler also shares photographs of his art on other social media networks as well, such as YouTube and Twitter.

Tyler’s living room in his hometown is full of his painting supplies and all the artworks he has made. He paints in his room sitting on a stool. Lately, he said he’sbeen painting there for nearly four hours every day, in order to fulfill the orders that have come coming in large numbers, following his appearance on “Little Big Shots” and at the Juneteenth festival at Plaza de Cesar Chavez.

Despite Tyler’s accomplishments, his mom said that he is still a normal boy who spends most of his time playing outside, believes he is Superman and still has to do his homework.

It was Tyler’s mother who encouraged him to start painting, and she instantly noticed his incredible talent.

He has managed to accomplish his achievements despite some life-changing hardships. Sadly, for a while, Tyler was in a wheelchair due to an injury of his hips, and he is nearly deaf, Nicole Kindle said.

On Little Big Shots, Tyler got a huge surprise when suddenly one of his most inspiring role models, Kevin Durant, NBA player of the Golden State Warriors, appeared in a video footage.

Kevin Durant advised Tyler to keep inspiring. Andwithout a shadow of a doubt, Tyler will.

Little Painter Will Win Your Heart

We may have just found the next Picasso!

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4 Year Old Girl Is Smitten With Skeletons

American “goddesses” have the ability to speak about the periodic table of elements, the solar system, space, bones,and organs of the human body, as well as the names of countries in Europe and Africa. With each passing day, another one of these young girls steps out into the spotlight and impresses everyone around them with the unique gifts and abilities.

Brielle Milla (from California, USA) had one of the most unique television appearances and the audience in the country called her a prodigy thanks to her rich knowledge.

Back in March 2017, the four-year-old girl appeared in the first episode of the show’s second season, Little Big Shots, airing on NBC, showing her ability to name the bones on the human body, as well as their function.

Brielle shared with host Steve Harvey and the audience that her mother taught herthis knowledge. The lovely look and intelligence, as well as the little girl’s confidence,havewon the hearts of everyone.

Brielle has already appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, one of the most popular daytime talk shows in the U.S. The next chapter in her journey towards success was her debut in prime time with Steve Harvey. This TV show is titled “Little Big Shots” and features children at a young age from the United States who are capable of doing remarkable and impressive things. Some of these young talents can sing, some dance with astonishing agility, while others have other skills and talents.

Little Big Shots airs on NBC and it co-created and produced by both Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey. Dozen other folks are also included in the team behind this famous TV series, and it should be quite amusing not just for adults, but for kids as well.

Brielle has already appeared on Ellen’s show and proved to be one highly entertaining girl.

Check out her performance at Little Big Shots in the video below and get ready to be amazed by the charm of this cute little girl. Have you ever seen such an adorable little princess?

She's Smitten with Skeletons!

We certainly don't have a BONE to pick with this Little Big Shot!

Posted by Little Big Shots on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Amazing Animal Heroes, Animal Saves Another Animal

Wildlife is full of surprises, and it sometimes happens that even animals show mercy towards other animals

Is it human beings that human charity, or all that they do, are only accidents and natural instincts? After watching this video, everyone will make a conclusion for himself or herself.

The truly unreal stories and situations are the videos where one animal helps the other before drowning or even before the threat of another animal!

Whether the orangutan saved the bird from drowning, or the hippopotamus before the crocodile, it is definitely something unprecedented and extraordinary, since most of them look on their own and care mainly for their survival, both in the animal kingdom and unfortunately also among humans.

There are wild animals in nature that would even kill some of their own members in order to feed themselves, but through a video footage, it seems there are times when the wild instincts are resting!

Apparently, there is a situation where a strong empathy is emerging that can inspire this wild beast the idea of helping or rescuing another animal in distress, albeit prey.

Laws that work in the animal kingdom are sometimes inexorable, but animals can also help. See the 7 greatest heroes among animals that did not hesitate to save the lives of other animals. A short video shows that even these creatures do not consider themselves to be either rivals or food, but when necessary they can help each other. This is how it looks when animals save the lives of other animals with the utmost heroism and unselfishness.

The first video from the collection shows how a crow stuck in the zoo water body. And it got to such a terrible beast as a bear. Due to the fact that its feathers were soaked, the bird could not fly up, but the bear came to the rescue and took it out of the water, then went off on its business.

Here you can also see a pig rescuing a goat, and hippos that fight crocodiles in order to save a deer.

However, the most exciting are the last two videos. On one of them, baboons drive a leopard away from the antelope. The leopard holds the antelope by the neck and is ready to start its dinner, but then two monkeys appear. They approach the ferocious feline and, apparently, frighten it, after which the leopard runs away. Fortunately, the antelope was not injured and could immediately escape.

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Here Is What You Can Eat Around The World With Just $1

Fast and inexpensive food, bought on the street or in small shops and eating on foot, has become a gastronomic phenomenon. The so-called street food offers traditional dishes in a modern edition.

The food phenomenon prepared on the street is very old. Since there is tourism and shopping on the markets, street vendors offer authentic local specialties at a solid price. Street food has become a synonym for good food, innovative creations, and local specialties.

The concept of street food is based on offering simpler and easier meals that are quickly prepared. Small bistros, stalls or kiosks with food are opened not only by individuals but also by renowned restaurants. Visually attractive and striking, they attract tourists and offer a wide range of dishes that can be eaten while on the go or during a short break. The street atmosphere is different from the one in the restaurant where you sit and eat – it is more relaxed, quieter, and it seems more homely. Informal surroundings, sightseeing and walks in a new, unfamiliar place, coupled with tempting scents and curiosity, surely increase everyone’s appetite and invite people to at least look, and maybe even try something new.

Your Brain Might Be Special, If Music Gives You Goosebumps

Do you get chills when you hear an extraordinary melody or get an out of the world sensation in your body when tuning in to music? Provided that this is true, you are unique and have a place with an extraordinary classification of individuals in this world.

Individuals who can encounter sensations like a knot in the throat or Goosebumps along their arms when they hear special cases music are extremely exceptional.

By and by this author can recollect getting chills when tuning in to ‘Entire Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin on the number 9 transport from Stourbridge when he was 16.

An examination was directed by an undergrad understudy, Mattew Sachs, at Harvard on the people who get sensations from tuning in to music. He analyzed the wonder to perceive how these sensations were activated in the body.

In the investigation, Matthew Sachs analyzed 20 understudies, ten out of them conceded encountering these sentiments of chills when tuning in to music while the other ten did not feel any such inclination. Cerebrum sweeps of all the twenty understudies were taken and investigated deliberately.

Hurricane Florence Hero Volunteer Rescues 6 Dogs Abandoned In Locked Cage

Heroes Save 6 Abandoned Dogs Locked in a Cage during Hurricane Florence

A group of volunteers attempted a heroic feat and rescued six dogs that were left behind in cage in North Carolina, amid Hurricane Florence.

The dogs had almost drowned in the floods brought on by Hurricane Florence that’s wreaking havoc across the East Coast. Rescuers found the dogs panicked and barking, standing on their hind legs against the cage, desperately trying to get out.They were left locked behind in a cage in Leland, North Carolina, when their owners abandoned their property fleeing from Hurricane Florence.

“Rescued six dogs in Leland, NC, after the owner LEFT THEM locked in an outdoor cage that filled with flood water that was rapidly rising. We got them out, but by the time we left, the water was so high that they would have drowned. BRING YOUR PETS WITH YOU!” -writes journalist Marcus DiPaola.

One video shows the puppies weeping as volunteer Ryan Nichols from Longview, Texas, labours through the water to get to them. The moment the cage is opened, the dogs swim hurriedly towards their rescuers.

Flooding waters in North Carolina reached up to four feet in depth on Sunday, and they keep rising, according to MailOnline.

You can watch the rescue here:

Hurricane Florence has also taken numerous lives. About 50 people were left stranded in an area and had to be airlifted to safety. Another 26,000 have had to abandon their homes and head for shelters, as Reuters reports.

Despite the storm having calmed down since hitting land, it has triggered massive amounts of rainfall, with much more to come. Authorities also remind that heavy rainfall causes rivers to overflow.

South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMaster noted that “This is a hurricane event followed by a flood event.”, and Roy Cooper stated that “This system is unloading epic amounts of rainfall, in some places measured in feet and not inches.”.

Roads have been closed, and authorities are calling attention to landslides, tornadoes and flash floods, as well as collapsing bridges and dams being swept by rising water levels. The residents of Fayetteville, a city with a population of about 210,000, were advised to evacuate their homes due to the floods. To this, Mayor Mitch Colvin said at a news conference:

“If you are refusing to leave during this mandatory evacuation, you need to do things like notify your legal next of kin because the loss of life is very, very possible. The worst is yet to come.”

At its peak, the storm caused power outages affecting almost one million people. Floods have swept entire towns, as rescue unit struggle to restore power and bring the stranded to safety. According to AccuWeather, thousands of National Guard troops are assisting residents in the area, further aided by local volunteers.

The storm has downgraded and does not constitute a hurricane anymore, but floods keep sweeping the coast.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system—Why Native American Indians keep their hair Long

Your hair is your nervous system’s appendix:  Why Native Americans grow their hair LONG

The first thing that comes to your mind when hearing about hair is probably your favourite hair salon, future hairstyle or a specific hair product. But few of us stop to think why ancient and aboriginal societies grow their hair long.

C.Young on Scott describes hair as being “an extension of the nervous system it can be accurately resumed as being a system of exteriorized nerves, a type of highly developed human ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that are capable of transmitting enormous amounts of important data to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.”

Many aboriginal people on the planet believe that long hair symbolizes a unique and special burden. And even though these many cultures have developed thousands of kilometres apart, they share many common beliefs.

It’s fascinating that many of these cultures are unanimous in their notions of hair being an extension of he soul. Evidence of this are many Native American traditions that they maintain even to this day.

One such example can be found with the Navajo people, which only cut their children’s hair on their first birthday, and refrain from cutting it later in life.

For most of us, hair is just a matter of style: it can make you look cool, younger and even older, in many different lengths, shapes and colours.

But the Native Americans have always had a different conception of the meaning of hair. To them it wasn’t a matter of style and trends at all; it was a thing that went beyond the comprehension of many of us, even today.

In many cultures it is not only considered an extension of the soul, but also a symbol of physical strength and virility.

Some of them maintain that a man loses a small part of his unique relationship with himself when cutting his hair.

To many Native Americans, braided hair symbolized a union with the infinite, and letting your hair down meant living on the free course of life.

During the Vietnam War, the American military looked to recruit scouts and trackers. They required young, talented men that could navigate discretely across their enemy’s terrain, without being spotted. It was a particularly important profile they were looking for, which is why the Special Forces appointed undercover specialists to search for such candidates in American Indian Reservations. Here they found countless brave young men who were born to this task.

After being recruited, their skills were carefully recorded, and it was found that they were a perfect fit for the task. But after going through the rituals of military training, their special gift seemed to vanish.

Baffled by the circumstances, the army began looking for answers and sought the help of some Native American elders who taught them that the reason behind this is the mandatory military haircut that the young recruits received, so they could no longer sense as they did before.

Their almost supernatural abilities- like their ‘otherworldly’ intuition- disappeared.

After this the army recruited more Native Americans from different tribes to test what was happening, and whether it had anything to do with cutting their long hair.

Some of the recruits got to keep their long hair, while others received a haircut. After some testing, the Native American trackers with long hair performed much better than those who had their hairs cut. Military experts discovered that those with long hair had something akin to a ’sixth sense’, an intuition that was much more reliable than their short-haired counterparts’.

If you want to learn more about Native American’s beliefs, watch the video below: