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Concerned Baby Elephant Rescues A Man She Mistakenly Believed Was In Danger

It is everyday that we find videos where a mortal saves the life of a wild, yet there are instances which prove us again and again that the perfect duo exists within the balance. Aren’t babies the cutest and the purest form of creation?

Irrespective of a human baby or a baby animal- they all tend to behave in the same way. They love you like a small human baby would and has hearts as pure as them too. We have often talked about the selflessness and loyalty of a dog but how often do we do the same for the wild?

But one might be surprised to know that if treated correctly they are just like any other baby cub of any animal, domestic or wild.

Here is a heartwarming clip of a baby elephant named Kham Lha, a resident of Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. This elephant cub is found to leave his crew while taking a stroll next to the river banks just to save his favourite human Darrick. Who although needed no help from him-but was mistaken by the baby elephant cub to be drowning. This video is so adorable for anybody with a heart of a human, for this portrays the innocence that lies within every living being of the same age group. It is even more beautiful a sight to find that the elephant cub tugs Darrick by his tiny trunks to lift him above the water. This person was perfectly alright for swimming across the river yet was intervened by this cute creature only to re-establish the faith amongst the wild.

This video has melted over millions of hearts for it perfectly depicts how pure form of love can be of any animal for a mortal being- and how selfless can the wilds behave once they love their favourite human!

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Talented Gymnast Achieves Perfect Score With flawless Michael Jackson Performance

It’s been almost ten years Michael Jackson has passed away, but still, his works find relevance in our generation. His songs are widely sung in many of the reality shows but mostly failed to create that magic. This video which recently went viral on the social media is based on a guy named Bogdan Loan from Romania’s blind audition for The Voice.

He was one of the contestants who was successful in pulling the rabbit out of the hole. In the video, a humble guy probably in his late 20’s was introduced to us, and the moment he started singing the audience go berserk. He sings the well-known Earth Song of Michael Jackson.

One of the judges pressed the buzzer, the moment he hears the first note. Within a few seconds, all the judges went awe and pushed the “I want you” buzzer. But that didn’t seem to affect the guy at all. He was striking both the shrill and faint notes perfectly, and his voice reminded many audiences of the famous pop singer Michael Jackson.

We all know how high-pitched the song is and when to hit that note correctly every one of the audience was having goosebumps, and one of the judges kneeled down on his knee and gave a bow. This is an exceptionally rare occasion where the judges presented such an appreciation.
When he was in the concluding stanza of his song, none of the audiences was in their seats. Even the judges were roaming around their seats.

Talented Gymnast Achieves Perfect Score With flawless Michael Jackson Performance

They were in a loss for words and didn’t know how to react to such a voice. The guy seemed utterly unmoved with such appreciations. He completed his song correctly and bowed down in front of the audience after finishing his magic.

Each of the judges went to talk and give an affectionate hug to him because deep down they equally knew, it was once in a lifetime voice and they wanted it to appreciate it in every possible way.

Watch this AMAZING Performance in the Video Below:

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Beautiful Moment as 53-year-old-son with Down Syndrome Reunites with 88-year-old Father

Most of us love to watch those beautiful videos where the babies unite with their parents, and that is one sight that makes us all emotional. When it comes to kids –for every parent his or her child is the best in the world and above anything.

For a parent, his child has never grown enough to be away from him for a long time unless it is urgent. They always love to keep their sign of love in the safest state away from every possible situation. A moment away from their sight and they lose their minds. One child may be a perfect one like most other blessed with every sense while there are some born with Down syndrome.

But they are no less, for these kids are equally special to their parents like we are to ours. Some heartwarming moments in our lives are ones that have some meeting involved in it. It can be friends catching up after ages or a simple parent-child meeting. The video below has a heart-wrenching sight of a 53-year-old Matt Cobrink down with down syndrome meet his father Malcolm,88  years old-after staying away for one whole week.

Matt, who had happened to go to New York for meeting his favorite basketball player out of Los Angeles leaving his daddy dearest for a week long.

The video has been recorded by Matt’s sister who already had an idea of how the father and son meeting would go, provided they missed each other immensely over the past 7 days. It is so beautiful to find how amazingly the 53-year-old Matt, runs to his father soon after getting off the escalator only to hug and kiss him profusely all along.

Get your tissues aside, if you are a momma’s boy too for you might get to experience a nostalgia trip down the memory lane while the son and father duo blocks your head for some unconditional love!

Watch This Beautifull Moment in the Video Below:

Watch The Youngest Astronaut Preparing To Be The First Human On Mars

Think extraordinary. Live extraordinarily. Many renowned personalities seldom say these two words. This 15 years old girl Alyssa Carson opened everyone’s eyes with her dedication and her consistent performance in becoming an astronaut. Life is an ocean of opportunities when the waters hit the shores; you need to find your desires and goals. This young girl made a wish of astronaut and wanted to set off to mars.

Her wish got fulfilled. How? Let’s find out. Kids usually of this age study play and cover up their necessities, but there are a few like Alyssa who wants to touch the sky with their inborn magic. Alyssa lives in LA with her dad. Her dad is everything. She is the sole child with lots of care and affection. Alyssa’s dad is a worker at NASA.

This outrageous desire of exploring the space invoked in her when she was just about 3 years old. By the time she was only eight, she went to the 1st space camp. She was also honored the first prize for her performance.

Alyssa’s father has massive confidence in her child that she will go to mars as soon as she got the dignitary by experts in the camp. She is working every day tirelessly on balancing her energy to maintain her physical fitness. She has gone to all kinds of recognized space camps in the world and won certificates too.

She is the first youngest student to graduate and has a desire to complete her masters from Cambridge University and wants to achieve her majors from Boston University (MIT) on Astro- Biology. This bubbly girl has too many things on her mind and is ambitious to get along with her targets.

Watch the Whole Story In The Video below:

Watch Jeffrey’ Reaction To Seeing His Family After More Than A Decade

Getting separated from family is always painful, and it is always joyous when that broken family gets reunited. We have all come across situations where we need to leave for our family to make a living for ourselves. We have always tried handling those situations practically, but emotions always get the better of us.

This is the story of a man named Jeffrey who was away from his mother for 10 years and from his dear brother Axel for 4 years. The guy named Jeffrey lives in Massachusetts with his wife, and his brother Axel lives in South Florida. Their mother though lives in Gabon. In this video, Jeffrey’s wife tapes the reaction of his husband when he gets reunited with his family after 10 years.

Axel was planning to visit his brother, but due to some external affairs, their mother was not getting proper papers to visit their son in the USA.  Jeffrey was fairly surprised when he saw his brother after 4 years, but his emotions knew no bounds when he met his mother for the first time in a decade. The way that 6 ft man fell on the ground clutching his head shows how much pain he was in for such a long time and seeing his mother after so many years broke those boundaries.

His mother looked puzzled, helpless and was trying to search for words to console his son. The look of disbelief in Jeffrey’s eye was telling so many words which only his mother could understand. This video once again reminds us that no matter how far we try running away, at the end of the day the warmth of our mother’s lap is what we long for.

It teaches us the value of having a family. It can make you sob on long winter nights, but it can also bring tears of joy in your eyes.

Watch his reaction in the video below:

Watch How This Australian Chiropractor Miraculously Helps Teen Walk Again

Muntathar Altaii was 17 years old and lived in the United States. One day, trying to get what was left of the trunk of an old tree, he made a sudden movement and injured his back in a very serious way. His pain was unbearable and he was practically immobilized, like a hunchback. In connection with the accident, Muntathar Altaii lost all feeling in his right leg, and he could no longer stand upright. In addition, the suffering boy has been diagnosed with kyphosis – a deformation in the upper back that has made the teenager badly bent.

Still, no specialist in the country wanted to help him because they were afraid of further damaging his back. Since then, his everyday life has been transformed into a painful hell.

The pain was so severe that after three to four months MuntatharAltaiitold his father that he would no longer live.

The family began a desperate search to find someone who could alleviate the unpleasant pain of the teenager, and after some time they found a special chiropractor in Australia with the help of the Internet.

It was far away, yet the family wagered and traveled the long way for help from Dr. Ian Rossborough, who practices at Gonstead Chiropractic in Victoria, Australia.

With safe hands, the chiropractor already made a correction of Muntathar’s back during the first visit – he got it already better, but 10 days later, the results were amazing. It was a miracle that caused his dad to break into tears.

Thanks to the incredible journey, Muntathar could return to the United States and fulfill his dream of graduating.

Now he is dreaming of becoming a chiropractor, and being able to help people like Dr. Ian did for him!

Do not miss this video, where you will see Muntathar’s miraculous transformation and what he looks like afterward. From terrible pain and deformed back to a completely healthy body – in 10 days. Unbelievable!

Watch the Full Recovery in the Video Below:

Couple Married For 79 Years Shows Everyone That True Love Exists

When true love passes in front of us, we know that it is the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our days. It is a unique sensation that only happens once in a lifetime. And why does it only happen once in life?

Because not all of us fall in love as we fell in love the first few times. Many people have that little blessing that they find them very early, while other people find something very difficult for that person and a special feeling. For that reason, many people argue that true love does not exist.

Although when you see the video of this beautiful couple who has been married for almost 80 years, your perspectives on love will change and they will make you realize that in a world of deceit and hatred, love will remain constant.

In this video, the beautiful old couple Merle and Stella are telling us their story of true love.

According to Merle, she married Stella when they were only 17 years old. In the picture of their wedding, both were seen with a vibrant look at each other, showing that unconditional love they had between them.

And like many relationships, this relationship has also had its ups and downs, like all relationships, they too have passed many challenges of love in life. There was even a moment in their lives that Merle was sent to a nursing home and that made him very sad that he could not spend time with his beloved wife.

Now after 79 years of marriage Stella and Merle are still happy and living together. Stella is in charge of the domestic tasks that she can still do, along with taking care of Merle. Even if their grandchildren do not leave them alone and are day after day helping them at any time they need it.

“And when she’s happy, I’m happy”

Currently, Stella is over 90 years old and Merle is 101 years old. Throughout all the years they have been together, their true love is what has driven them both to live life to the fullest.

I think Stella and Merle have been two very lucky people to have met in such a strange world.

Don’t forget to Watch the Video below:

Watch This Amazing Pony Recover After Being Neglected For 10 Years

On March 17, 2017, a Shetland pony was found in a deplorable state in Antoing, Belgium, by the Animals at Risk rescue association.

The shelter employees found the pony in a pitiful state, his hooves wrapped around his legs, almost preventing him from walking at all.

The staff at the Belgian animal sanctuary was surprised to see that he could even get out of the trailer. When he arrived at the Belgian refuge, his hooves were so long that they wrapped around themselves. It seems that this pony was saved in extremis.

The hooves of a horse, or a pony, in good health, are cut regularly. Sadly, this poor pony was forgotten, malnourished and neglected, and lived in a makeshift shelter.

The pony, who has since been baptized “Poly”, was collected with another horse, called Everest. The two animals lived in a small makeshift shelter, deliberately located far from the road, so that nobody could realize their terrible living conditions. Arriving, the rescuers were shocked by the lamentable state in which were the stables.

The owner finally handed the pony and horse to the authorities, and they were taken to the sanctuary Animauxen Péril(Animals in Peril), located in Belgium. The rescuers could not believe that a pony could survive under these conditions!

For starters, the blacksmith trimmed Poly’s hooves, hoping to help him walk again one day. Nevertheless, the lack of treatment for so many years has probably caused irreversible damage to its joints, and healing will certainly take many years.

Both animals were in an advanced state of malnutrition. They each weighed just over a third of their normal weight and were close to death.

Not only were Poly’s hooves in a very bad condition, but he was also too thin by 90 kilos! A healthy Shetland pony must weigh 200 pounds, while Poly was only 70.

Poly and his companion, today named Everest, has the right to an intense grooming. They were both shampooed and shaved to eliminate lice and dirt, their hooves were trimmed, before being wrapped in blankets to keep their bodies warm.

Luckily, the condition of both equids has since improved. Poly’s hooves are gradually recovering, and both receive all the love and attention they have been deprived of for too many years. They both still have a long way to go, but as they spend each day in the company of people who love and care for them, their futures look much better!

Watch the Full Story in the Video below:

This Mexican Woman Turns 118, And Goes To Works Every Day

A very cheerful 118-year-old Mexican grandmother shares the secret of her longevity.

The birth certificate dates from the year 1900, the time of the Porfiriato, in which the Mexican Revolution was already being prepared, in all of Mexico there were only 17 million inhabitants. In 1900, Maria Felix Nava was also born, who on Friday, July 20, 2018, turns 118 years old. She is considered the longest-lived woman in Jalisco.

In July this summer, Mariquita, as she is affectionately called, turned 118 and became the oldest woman in Jalisco.

Despite her advanced age, her family reports that Maria has the energy of a young person: She gets up at six in the morning to wash her clothes and install her small candy store outside her home.

The legacy of this remarkable woman has reached her great-great-grandchildren, to whom she gives advice and blessing.

María was born in Zacatecas but was raised in Jalisco. She said that as a child she went through tragic moments because the Mexican revolution took away her home and her parents.

After this terrible event, Mariquita survived by eating elite plants and drinking water from rivers, until she was adopted by a family.

And although that remained in the past, the pain was again present a few months ago for the old woman, since one of her granddaughters died suddenly, and in addition, she was notified that she could lose her estate due to a debt that has been incurred for several years.

Last year, María Félix lost her sight in her right eye, and that’s not much. However, with her good humor and joy that characterize her, she is ready for her 118 years of age.

It has been 118 years since the birth of Mariquita, and it is precisely that number that could make her a world record holder.

María Félix Navas could enter the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest woman in the world after Emma Morano died at the age of 117 in 2016.

Watch What This 16 Years Old Magician Can Do

Back in 2013, Collins Key did an astonishing performance already during his first audition on America’s Got Talent. Members of the jury were Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Mel B.

When he was only 4 years old, Collins participated in a Shakespeare play and knew even then that he wanted to be an artist. He created his YouTube channel when he was 15 years old to show his skills as a magician. His channel has accumulated more than 13 million followers. He was one of the first people to upload short films of himself performing magic on YouTube, which resulted in him having a worldwide following. Only one year after becoming a YouTube, Key auditioned for America’s Got Talent.

Collins rose to fame as the fan favorite and finalist in the eighth season of the America’s Got Talent reality show. He didn’t the show but finished in the fifth place. Actually, Collins is the first magician to make it to the final round of the famous reality show.

Key’s performance on the reality show was acknowledged and later on, he was accepted into the world-renowned Hollywood Magic Castle Junior Program.

He took magic to a whole new level and rightfully bears the reference “Magic’s First Pop Star.” Not does this young man perform mesmerizing tricks, but he also looks quite handsome, with light blue eyes and a charming smile. All of these attributes make him the darling of all his fans. Together with his younger brother, Devan, Collins did a lot of work on his YouTube channel, and now the brothers have a huge following on social networks. Collins undoubtedly has quite a large potential to revolutionize show business and make a name of himself in the Hollywood scene.

The question now is: How Does He Even Do It?

Watch his jaw-dropping performance in the video below: