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Childrens Reaction Upon Seeing Father After Three Years Abroad


Childrens Reaction Upon Seeing Father After Three Years Abroad

We all love our family beyond limits. We can go to any extent to bring a smile to their faces. Every one of us feels affection and caring for our near and dear ones. Today with the advancement of life and increasing competitiveness all around, everything has changed so rapidly that you cannot be with the people you care all the time and sometimes not even when they are facing the hardest times of their lives. But you cannot be away for a very long time if your heart craves for them.

This story is about a young married man who was away from his family for over three years. After that long span of time, he gave a pleasant surprise to his daughter and son that not only amazed them for the fact that their father is right in front of them but also made them emotional. Well, the surprise was something extraordinary.

Mario was an engineer, a busy man working in Qatar. Due to his vast work pressure, he was unable to meet his family for more than three years, but finally, he did make the miracle happen. He became the waiter at a hotel where his daughter, son, and wife went for dinner.

After years he came back home with delight. He was serving them but his face was tied with a bandana. After some time when his kids were entirely engrossed in eating, he came back to them and removed his face wrap. Oh, the look on their faces!!! They couldn’t be happier but they were speechless. Their mother was also part of this amazing moment. The boy didn’t notice at first but as soon he did he was awestruck with joy. The moment of glee was shared with tears and hugs.

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