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Couple Married For 79 Years Shows Everyone That True Love Exists

When true love passes in front of us, we know that it is the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our days. It is a unique sensation that only happens once in a lifetime. And why does it only happen once in life?

Because not all of us fall in love as we fell in love the first few times. Many people have that little blessing that they find them very early, while other people find something very difficult for that person and a special feeling. For that reason, many people argue that true love does not exist.

Although when you see the video of this beautiful couple who has been married for almost 80 years, your perspectives on love will change and they will make you realize that in a world of deceit and hatred, love will remain constant.

In this video, the beautiful old couple Merle and Stella are telling us their story of true love.

According to Merle, she married Stella when they were only 17 years old. In the picture of their wedding, both were seen with a vibrant look at each other, showing that unconditional love they had between them.

And like many relationships, this relationship has also had its ups and downs, like all relationships, they too have passed many challenges of love in life. There was even a moment in their lives that Merle was sent to a nursing home and that made him very sad that he could not spend time with his beloved wife.

Now after 79 years of marriage Stella and Merle are still happy and living together. Stella is in charge of the domestic tasks that she can still do, along with taking care of Merle. Even if their grandchildren do not leave them alone and are day after day helping them at any time they need it.

“And when she’s happy, I’m happy”

Currently, Stella is over 90 years old and Merle is 101 years old. Throughout all the years they have been together, their true love is what has driven them both to live life to the fullest.

I think Stella and Merle have been two very lucky people to have met in such a strange world.

Don’t forget to Watch the Video below:

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