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He quit his job to perform in the subway…meet NYC subway beatboxer Sung Beats!


He quit his job to perform in the subway…meet NYC subway beatboxer Sung Beats!

Beatboxer Sung Lee (a.k.a. Sung Beats) is an award-winning local beatboxer and looper that quit his job several years ago just to play gigs and in the NYC subway full time. During a typical day of Sung, heusually makes several hundred dollars performing for tips.

While in his early teens, Sung was a member of a niche audience entirely amazed by beatboxers such as Rahzel, Doug E. Fresh, and many others. After discovering beatboxing through an online video, Sung was so impressed that he instantlystarted to learn the basics of this craft. With continuous practice, the potential beatboxer fell in love with beatboxing more and more.

Back in 2013, he actively took the very first step towards making a beatboxing career and quit his current job, planning to busk in New York City’s subways every day.

It was Union Square’s subway station, where Sung started to assemble his equipment. Once he finished his performance, he would recreate famous songs, like Daft Punk’s “Touch it”using only his mouth.

As more people acknowledged his unique talent, a new world of opportunities opened up in front of Sung Lee.

Within the next two years, Sung performed at some of the hottest spots in the Big Apple such asGotham Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, B.B. King Blues, Stage48,Tribeca Rooftop, among others. The chase of his dream led Sung to beatbox for some of the most successful enterprises – Jameson, AT&T,andVenmo.

His persistent decision to pursue his lifelong dream opened the opportunities for many unique and different experiences. “But you have to put the work in,” Sung said. He is quite an example of perseverance and hard work towards achieving one’s goals.

Check out Sung Lee in this video as he spends a typical day performing in the NYC subway, and then busking above ground as well.

This Beatboxer Quit His Job To Work In The Subway

This beatboxer quit his job to perform in the subway

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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