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Here Is What You Can Eat Around The World With Just $1

Fast and inexpensive food, bought on the street or in small shops and eating on foot, has become a gastronomic phenomenon. The so-called street food offers traditional dishes in a modern edition.

The food phenomenon prepared on the street is very old. Since there is tourism and shopping on the markets, street vendors offer authentic local specialties at a solid price. Street food has become a synonym for good food, innovative creations, and local specialties.

The concept of street food is based on offering simpler and easier meals that are quickly prepared. Small bistros, stalls or kiosks with food are opened not only by individuals but also by renowned restaurants. Visually attractive and striking, they attract tourists and offer a wide range of dishes that can be eaten while on the go or during a short break. The street atmosphere is different from the one in the restaurant where you sit and eat – it is more relaxed, quieter, and it seems more homely. Informal surroundings, sightseeing and walks in a new, unfamiliar place, coupled with tempting scents and curiosity, surely increase everyone’s appetite and invite people to at least look, and maybe even try something new.

On each trip you take, it is desirable to meet and taste the flavor of local gastronomy, and in these countries, you can do it on the street. Fried, baked or raw meat, fish and vegetables snacks are an inevitable tourist attraction in these beautiful places that you have to try cooked by the hands of local chefs.

From the Japanese Taiyaki, Indian Pav Bhaji to pan-fried pork buns – here is our list of suggestions what you definitely should try among different types of street food around the world. What distinguishes this particular list of foods from other types of street food is that all of these meals will cost you just $1.

So, here is what you can afford to eat in different countries all around the world with only $1 in your pocket.

What food would you pick for your quick bite?

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