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Rescue Beaver Loves Building Dams In His House


Rescue Beaver Loves Building Dams In His House

Wild animals do not fit homes into pets. Or at least they are not very often fit for it. We have seen a few strange little pets a few times, but they should not live in the house. We once saw a deer grew up in a woman’s own home, who still visits a woman every day. This time we meet the beaver.

He is soft, often wet, and very nice. Who would not want to go home after work to such a cute little pet?

I would like you to meet BrigetteBrouillard, a professional wildlife rehabber who is one of the coolest pet owners in the world. Her unusual pet who makes her life so much happier with each day is JB, the beaver. In the video below, we meet a beaver called Justin Beaver, or JB. JB was rescued by this family when it was only a small and abandoned orphaned son of a beaver. The family took the beaver and now it has made the house a home for himself.

JB is a sweet little baby beaver who loves building dams in Brigette’s house and swim in the bathtub 5 times a day. Even though it has never built a dam in the open, it is in its instinct and so JB builds the dungeons indoors. He uses dungeons, clothes, clubs,and toys for the dam. The beaver also bathes in the family’s tub 4-5 times a day and runs around the house.

If you like to support the ongoing care of JB the beaver, you can support Brigette, his caregiver, at the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Watch the wonderful videobelow to see JB the beaver as he builds damps in Brigette’s house using all sorts of things he could find. Isn’t he a wonderful little creature?

Rescue Beaver Loves Building Dams In His House

This woman lets a baby beaver build dams in the house and swim in the tub 5 times a day 🛁

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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