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This Dancing Couple Is Bringing The 1950s Back


This Dancing Couple Is Bringing The 1950s Back

Dancing is considered one of the best forms of exercise which not only helps in the physical conditioning of a human body but also improves the mental health of a person. When a person listens to music and sways her hips along with the music, a hormone called endorphinsis released into the blood which is commonly referred to as happy hormone.

In the video which got viral a few days back,portraits a couple in their early 20’s are showing their dance moves to the awestruck audience. The dance form which they displayed was Lindy Hop which was a trendy dance style in the 40’s, and they fused it with 50’s jive music. The fusion of separate art form with a generation gap of almost a decade is the reason why it is garnering such rave reviews.

The moment they set foot on the dance floor, the audience realized they are in for a show. Every move was cheered frantically by the audience. The confidence and composure they were showing on the floor were unbeatable. Their high energy level perfectly synced with the speed and tone of the music. The music was appreciatedand it created a perfect blend with the dance form. Though Lindy pop is a faster dance form compared to jive music, the credit goes to the dancers who perfectly created a bridge between the two generation’s art form.

The flips the boy made using the girl was perfectly timed, and the girl landed on foot in inch-perfect position. So, if your knees are still young enough to handle the stress, get yourself enrolled in a dance lesson class and impress your partner with your magnetic dance moves. You never know she may start falling for you once again just like she did 30 years ago on your college fresher’s party.

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