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This Dog Was Abandoned During The Hurricane, Watch The Moment He Gets Rescued


This Dog Was Abandoned During The Hurricane, Watch The Moment He Gets Rescued

As Hurricane Florence recedes, people come to the flooded territories. No, it’s not the owners of flooded houses, but animal protectors like PETA.

A dog that had been abandoned during the floods of Hurricane Florence seemed so happy when it was finally rescued. The poor dog was found in North Carolina by PETA on Monday (September 17).

The owners seem to have abandoned their lovely puppy when they fled the torrential weather of Hurricane Florence.

The dog was trapped outside a house in Lumberton, North Carolina, where the Lumberton River had overflowed and the city was full of water.

The flood water reached the porch of the house where the dog was and covered the wheels of the car in the driveway.

The brave rescuer approached the frightened dog through the water as he walked across the porch and sat on the elevated platform, calling him to come near him.

The dog seemed terrified and extremely cautious, but still, he waved his tail with joy as the rescuer appeared and began to show him some love. In his mind, it is clear that the dog has long been alone, he is confused, frightened and does not understand how to react to strangers. But then the ancient genes, the millennium of education and domestication take their effect – the animal responds to the caress of man!

The PETA staff took the pet to a waiting area that had been set up by the emergency workers. From there, he can be transferred to a nearby shelter.

It is a pity that such situations occur, but it is wonderful that many of them end on a positive note!

Watch the heart-melting moment when the dog is rescued in the next video.

Dogs are not the only ones left by people. PETA has also been busy rescuing frightened cats, who, as is known, in most cases are terribly afraid of water.

Rescuers shared a video with a poor cat and a kitten, which hid behind the garbage cans on the porch.

Employees of the organization worked incredibly hard, making their way through flooded areas to help all the poor animals.

Don’t Forget to Watch the Video Below:

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