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Watch The Youngest Astronaut Preparing To Be The First Human On Mars

Think extraordinary. Live extraordinarily. Many renowned personalities seldom say these two words. This 15 years old girl Alyssa Carson opened everyone’s eyes with her dedication and her consistent performance in becoming an astronaut. Life is an ocean of opportunities when the waters hit the shores; you need to find your desires and goals. This young girl made a wish of astronaut and wanted to set off to mars.

Her wish got fulfilled. How? Let’s find out. Kids usually of this age study play and cover up their necessities, but there are a few like Alyssa who wants to touch the sky with their inborn magic. Alyssa lives in LA with her dad. Her dad is everything. She is the sole child with lots of care and affection. Alyssa’s dad is a worker at NASA.

This outrageous desire of exploring the space invoked in her when she was just about 3 years old. By the time she was only eight, she went to the 1st space camp. She was also honored the first prize for her performance.

Alyssa’s father has massive confidence in her child that she will go to mars as soon as she got the dignitary by experts in the camp. She is working every day tirelessly on balancing her energy to maintain her physical fitness. She has gone to all kinds of recognized space camps in the world and won certificates too.

She is the first youngest student to graduate and has a desire to complete her masters from Cambridge University and wants to achieve her majors from Boston University (MIT) on Astro- Biology. This bubbly girl has too many things on her mind and is ambitious to get along with her targets.

Watch the Whole Story In The Video below:

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