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Watch This Amazing Pony Recover After Being Neglected For 10 Years

On March 17, 2017, a Shetland pony was found in a deplorable state in Antoing, Belgium, by the Animals at Risk rescue association.

The shelter employees found the pony in a pitiful state, his hooves wrapped around his legs, almost preventing him from walking at all.

The staff at the Belgian animal sanctuary was surprised to see that he could even get out of the trailer. When he arrived at the Belgian refuge, his hooves were so long that they wrapped around themselves. It seems that this pony was saved in extremis.

The hooves of a horse, or a pony, in good health, are cut regularly. Sadly, this poor pony was forgotten, malnourished and neglected, and lived in a makeshift shelter.

The pony, who has since been baptized “Poly”, was collected with another horse, called Everest. The two animals lived in a small makeshift shelter, deliberately located far from the road, so that nobody could realize their terrible living conditions. Arriving, the rescuers were shocked by the lamentable state in which were the stables.

The owner finally handed the pony and horse to the authorities, and they were taken to the sanctuary Animauxen Péril(Animals in Peril), located in Belgium. The rescuers could not believe that a pony could survive under these conditions!

For starters, the blacksmith trimmed Poly’s hooves, hoping to help him walk again one day. Nevertheless, the lack of treatment for so many years has probably caused irreversible damage to its joints, and healing will certainly take many years.

Both animals were in an advanced state of malnutrition. They each weighed just over a third of their normal weight and were close to death.

Not only were Poly’s hooves in a very bad condition, but he was also too thin by 90 kilos! A healthy Shetland pony must weigh 200 pounds, while Poly was only 70.

Poly and his companion, today named Everest, has the right to an intense grooming. They were both shampooed and shaved to eliminate lice and dirt, their hooves were trimmed, before being wrapped in blankets to keep their bodies warm.

Luckily, the condition of both equids has since improved. Poly’s hooves are gradually recovering, and both receive all the love and attention they have been deprived of for too many years. They both still have a long way to go, but as they spend each day in the company of people who love and care for them, their futures look much better!

Watch the Full Story in the Video below:

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