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When Jim Carrey Is Asked If He Is Religious, He Gave The Best Response I Have Ever Heard

Jim Carrey is one the world’s most adored performing artists and individuals. He’s made us chuckle, he’s made us cry, and he’s demonstrated to us that life is tied in with being glad, paying little respect to what that resembles.

While Jim is generally known for his outrageous exaggerations and depictions of comedic characters, his prosperity has given him the ideal stage for which to share his bits of knowledge on life.

As a scholar, Carrey has considered over the arguments of peace, given his contemplations on the Illuminati, and even examined subjects like immunizations. Presently, Carrey gives us another piece of understanding and motivation.

He addresses his fight with wretchedness and bipolar issue and even clarifies how he could quit taking Prozac. He imparts sensitivities to the individuals who end up dependent on pharmaceuticals in light of ceaseless conditions and how they cause a “low level of despondency.”

Be that as it may, maybe the most rousing part of this video is Carrey’s interpretation of religion:

“I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Christian, I’m a Muslim, I’m whatever you need me to be. Everything comes down to a similar thing. You’re in an adoring spot or you’re in a cold place, in case you’re with me right now you can’t be miserable, it’s unrealistic.”

Watch the entire video, and tune in, as Carrey reveals insight into the world we end up in today.

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