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Your Morning Commute Will Never Be the Same After This…


Your Morning Commute Will Never Be the Same After This…

Has traffic on the road gotten you down? Well, my friends, our jazzy fellow Mark Gagnon is simply not going to let that happen. Just watch as he puts a very pleasant surprise on people stopped at a red light with a song sung especially for them. Isn’t this musical performance the nicest thing that could happen to a stressed driver?

Traffic can be quite an awful experience after a long and busy day. There is no debate about that. Having a lot of sympathy for all the daily commuters who get a hard time while being stuck in traffic, Mark Gagnon we went on a mission to make traffic a bit jazzier. For those of you who don’t know who he is, Mark Gagnon is a young and aspiring comedian who likes to tell jokes and make other people’s lives lighter and happier. This is one of his brilliant ideas for spreading love and positivity on the streets.

As Mark explained in the video’s description on his Facebook profile, he got together with his musician buddy Ryan Goodwin and hit the streets to sing to common people who are total strangers to them. How cool and thoughtful of them, right guys?

People that had the privilege of getting serenaded at a red light by Mark, responded very well and loved the whole idea. You can see in the video below as one bus driver even got into the rhythm of the tune and started dancing. everyone seemed so happy and I’m sure this pleasant musical surprise by Mark and Ryan made their daily commute so much easier and less stressful. Maybe in the future, we will see more similar activities like this in the city that would improve people’s mood and behavior in traffic. What do you think of this cool idea?

And now my friends, it is time for you to enter Mark and Ryan’s red light lounge. As Mark says: Spread the love!

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